Schools, Mondays & Hot Hoochie Mommas

In the light of the most recent events, I was reduced to a lowly and unpaid chauffeur and I was charged with the sacred task of delivering my two little nieces to school; it was actually my dad's task while he was still healthy but now I had to pick up the slack and keep this family tradition alive.

God knows that the two single things that I hate the most in this world are “Schools” and “Mondays”. As if 12 years of the abuse isn’t enough; now I find myself going back to school again and to make things worse, today’s a fucking Monday. If only I have an Uzi and a time machine, I would have gone back in time and cap the motherfuckers who invented schools & Mondays.

I'm sorry but I got it wrong, it isn’t just two things but I have a third that is the fucking traffic. Hell! Who likes having heavy traffic? I am sure I speak for all drivers on the road that we can do without it. The gates of a primary school at the hour which the morning session ends and the afternoon session begins has more traffic than the gates of hell right after God smite the living crap outta Sodom & Gomorrah. Fuck, if I needed traffic I would have stayed back in Sunway and not have moved back to this hick ass town of Kuantan.

And on that too, I find myself becoming somewhat of an iPod nanny, filtering song filled with obscenities and vulgarity. Even being a straight up downright degenerate like me, I know that I shouldn’t be filling my little nieces’ ear canal with the God of Fuck’s lyrical opus. I love Marilyn Manson’s music but I just couldn’t bring myself to corrupt these fragile little minds. So it was just crappy mainstream pop ringing in our ears all the way to school.

You know when you grow up things do change; because this time around I notice that the primary school is a place where young mothers dressed in micro hot pants and high heels like to congregate. Thanks to slimming centers like Marie France or Mayfair, women who had given birth are no longer conventionally fat and oversize but they have great bodies that could put ladies who haven’t even got married to shame. These slimming centers have brought out the slut side of these women, commissioning them to go forth and give boners to all men. Even those Catholic Virgin fresh teachers in that school was no match for these hot hoochie mommas.

I tell you these days, school’s a MILF fest! Fucking A!

P.s. As you can see Writings from a PDA is a new label. These are mostly hit & run posts, written on a mobile word processor on a pocket PC. This is the best I can do for now due to my time constrains. So I hope you would still enjoy these short and fragmented thoughts of mine collected throughout the day.