Bimbos are basically brainless right? Which really explains why she just doesn't know what to write here. She procrastinated so long that she really wonders if she has any brainjuice at all. Maybe she needs to check out the nearby JUICE store to see if they have any brainjuice on sale.

If there were, do you think it would be on discount? You know... Bimbos love sales!! And CNY is just over so there could possibly be a sale. Then again, Bobo's sure that brainjuice is always in demand, so it might really be hard to find it on sale.

Then since it's always in demand, it'll be really expensive isn't it? HOW?! Bobo's not very rich ... and she, being brainless to begin with, can't secure a high paying job to get more brainjuice... Can she...... flash her boobs to earn some moola so that she can buy some expensive brainjuice?

How should she price her Boob-Flashing service? But but... Bobo's Bimbo Boobs aren't that big ... Will they fetch a good price? She needs to make a sign... Seeing, no touching! Hmm but she ain't that good at art. Where's X? She needs X now!!!

Oops... X is away in Taiwan, which is why Bobo is able to write here in the first place. Ah... Ok Bobo will make a little bimbotic crude sign for the time being. But She thinks, with such a crude sign, she have to charge less. You know, packaging counts for a lot.

No Packaging, No talk, Less Moola.
Hmm Where can Bobo go to Boob-Flash? She'd have to stay in Singapore to do it cos... she'll be arrested if she tried it in Malaysia. But then in Singapore... must also find suitable places... Padang? hmm not unless she wants to be part of the National Day Parade... What about Botanical Gardens? ..... Wait boobs kena mosquito bite. This is simply too much brain work for a brainless Bobo.
Where's X? She needs him to think of a place for her! COME BACK QUICK!


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