A student's gratittude

----This a post made by guest blogger, 3POINT8----

X sings
X blogs
X talks shit
X does video
X does maths
X plays guitar
X flirts around
X wink whole day
X spend all his time on msn
X has a adorable dog, woa woa
X and crew started Reviewgod. (and made some of us as self-proclaimed god)
XXX. I wonder if he got the inspiration from XXX stuff. (especially after his trip to japan)

This guy loves share his knowledge on "how to..." related stuff. I would imagine people coming back to his blog to get their daily dose of great tips on how to do stuff. Sadly, none of his "how to.." can be used.

Even if you know how to cut your wrist, would you do that?
Even if you know how to stalk the girl of your dream, would you do that?
Even if you know how to wink like X, would you do that?

Oh yea.. Those stuff are good for party talks, but not exactly what someone would do. I would only go as far as: "Hey guys, I picked up this great tip from xniquet on how to cut your wrist! Its so cool!"
And I'll just stop there. Full stop. I wouldn't want to continue further and say: "Let me give you a demonstration"

So, my advice: Xniquet's written stuff are for your reading pleasure. Do not be tempted to perform his "How to..." even if he crowns you as a god.

[If you read the title of this post, this post was meant to be a post of gratitude dedicated to x. But I guess I got sidetracked and criticized him instead.]

Additional Note:
Pinky >> X is tranny
Pinky >> X is lame

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