12 days of mellon collie: halo it would be, if i ever have a heart

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I still recall the taste of her tears, the echoes of her voice is just like the ringing in my ears. My favorite dreams of her still lingers every night. Scraping and tearing through my head till I don’t want to sleep anymore. She was always the one to show me colors when there was none; back then when I couldn’t do the things that I can do now. But I had to watch her fade away, as she slips pass my arm when I was holding her. This pain is slowly taking me apart, halo it would be, if I ever had a heart. In this place where I should be claim, though it looks all different but I know it is still the same. Everywhere I look, she is all I see, just a fading fucking reminder of when I was complete. Please make this go away, just take it all away, I am down to just one thing and I am starting to scare myself. Please make this dreams go away, I am on my knees and my hands is waiting to bleed. I know what I want is something I can never have.


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