I wish I was the Inmate in Cell 40#

I just came back from the monkey temple (Swayambhunath stupa) and I have nothing much to say about it because like all the other tourist attraction, I think I wouldn't do it any justice if I waste a pint of my energy typing about it. So you just have to see it for yourself when you get there. But what I can say is that the temple monkeys’ welfare is being very well taken care of.

But what I do have spinning around the wheels of my inner head is Prison Break; hell I was wrong to ever think that Prison Break was lame. When it first came out, I refused to watch it (even though everyone was saying how great it was), mainly for these reasons:

“When you think of Prison, there sure hell ain't gonna be hot chic starring in it. When you have no hot chic, homosexuality and sodomy comes into play. And I just hate open shower room scenes, watching brothers naked in the showers isn’t a hobby of mine. Last but not least, just how hard is it to break outta a fictional prison? Come on it’s in a TV series; the hero always gets out of ass tight situations. You don't fucking need a whole season or two to break out of jail. Right?”

But I am willing to retract every single thought of that because after going through the first season, I am seriously thinking about having a convict’s career. Seriously, now I understand why everyone is like so into that prison shit. But I am glad that I didn’t watch it when it was aired because the suspense and cliffhangers on that series would just bloody kill me. I am a person without the virtue of patience when it comes to TV series. I can’t wait a week for the next episode or months for the next season. So that is why I have the first four seasons stored inside my HD, it’s like watching a really long movie.

On another note, it just amazing how just by sitting there without moving an itch of your ass muscle, you could meet someone who is half way across the world and shares the same repugnance for the church; the same soft spot for 2 (to be exact) fictional movie characters and the same love for a movie and its script. It’s not every day I come across ladies who could memorize The Fight Club word by word. I'm so fucking blessed.