I Like.

I like the sweet scent of your wavy hair as it sits right next to my pillow still bound to its scalp that I severed from your head.

I like it when young couples fall in love only to fall out of it faster than the speed of light because the girl was caught cheating with me.

I like the sound of your laughter but not as much as I like the sound of your pitiful cries begging for mercy after I've abused, tortured and put you through hell that doesn't even have a name.

I like being honest, truthful and trustworthy and if you believe in that, you've just been duped.

I like a self confident woman with beauty and integrity that has been cooked to perfection inside a pressurized pot and then served in the finest china with a side of turnips.

I like the fact that you love performance art and that you would still dance for me after I soaked you in gasoline and set you on fire.

I like that you've asked me to watch over your younger sister and I promise that I would not only watch over but from the top, under and behind her every time I bang her like a drum.

I like that you’ve always remember the very first time you had sex with your girlfriend; it was at the garden’s gazebo under the starry night sky where you two make sweet loving all night long but the only thing that you missed out is that you were too hammered and the person who mounted your girlfriend all night long was me.

I like that you have kept me so close and went out of you way to be been such a good and faithful friend to me all these years and also the fact you are just too dumb to figure out that I've always been the one sleeping with your girlfriend...my bad, it’s been too long, she's now your wife.

I like it that my best friend is getting married to a beautiful girl who has a face of angel; a face so soft and smooth because I used to cum on it. Who am I kidding? I still do it even to this day.

I like that you believe that technology today connects people thus making them closer and your constant status updates on your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare has given me the chance to get closer to your wife but the only thing that connects us are our genitals.

I like it that your kid and I have some resembling features. Come again, who did you say your wife was?

*Out of boredom I read a blog that was on my blog roll and came across a blog post that I thought would be nice to steal. It’s such a pity that she has stopped writing and left her blog for dead because it would be nice to steal more ideas from her blog. *