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This doesn't only marks the new era for my blog but also my band, new recordings have been done and were heard by a few of you. Which seems to be that it is a departure from the original sound of the band because the other members have now taken a more active role in the production. Some even said that it has a far more "emo" feel to it than it's predecessor which was not suppose to be so. Anyway, we have only did one song but currently working on the next one now.

So I officially welcome you to the new era of my blog, new look, new links, and new feel. I usher you into a new information era. Sum Zero | Ghost Blogger isn't just a new look or template but it is a concept. Where Sum Zero means there is close to zero widget on this blog; having a consistent 90% new visitors a day, I am an unknown blogger to these persons who comes in here and so I am Ghost Blogger to them. Instead of having a clean version and a dirty version of my blog this time, I have incorporated my own version of a wiki to my blog -the xniquetwiki. This will certainly benefit the new comers to this blog and also the regular readers which sometimes don't have a clue of what is happening. When you see a wiki logo just below the title of each post (see above), that means there are articles relating to this post and you can either click on it or just head on there by using the navigation tab. But so far the xniquetwiki is still far from complete and it is still in the process of collecting information and in the process of updating it. It is also currently looking for people who wants to be writers for it. You know, even after a few months of starting this blog, I was still trying to break the 20 unique visitor barrier and I think I hold the record of having the lowest visits which is 0 because I didn't even bother to pay myself a visit then. So I thank my readers for their support and the newly improved blog roll is my way of thanking you all and slowly but surely you all will be added into the xniquetwiki. Do you look back at the very beginning of blog and then look forward and see how much changes you have made? It is like continuously evolving and changing. Not only the outlooks of the blog that I am meaning the way you write, the way your post seems to be. Too often we start off being humble and all then when you get hits and comments you suddenly feel like you have became a star and start to be self righteous and think so highly of yourself or when you try to post up some of your pictures and then suddenly your blog gets flock with hundreds of fans who thinks that you are hot. What I am trying to say is many at times, we go all out our way just to get traffic in and be well known but lose track of what we are and what we represent. Does hits and traffic really mean that much? If you are not into that, throw that aside and stop trying to be what other people wants you to be and be yourself, stand up for what you represent. Sum Zero also means heading back to the beginning and being who you represent. Some post here will be straight from the gut and from the rawest feeling. You all have seen the twisted minded, the non conformist, the emo-ist side of xniquet but yet to see the dysfunctional family ties, the fight with the inner alcohol demons, my struggle with anorexia and the pain of a mourning widow.

I am sorry I haven't been visiting the regular blogs lately because I was too tied up with trying to solve the codings to this blogs, will hop right over as soon as I can. Thanks goes to Evie, Evolna, Chingy and Bobo for helping out with the layout changing process. For the time being, have a look around and 3 new section have been added to this blog and I hope you have a blast fooling around with it. Regular blogging with commerce soon, till then sit back and enjoy sum zero| ghost blogger:

1. xniquetwiki section

2. xniquet library section

3 ghost blogger section


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