Ok, I’m Tagged, Therefore

Tagged by the Pink One a.k.a. Pinksterz…formerly known as Minah Rempit or Minah

Repeat subject header “I’M TAGGED, THEREFORE…”
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Complete these 15 totally useless statements & questions.
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Failing to do so and you’ll be cursed eternally with a 3-holed nose and a low-cost flat.

If I was an opposite gender, what would my party clothes be like?

This is easy; the answer is I won’t be going out to any party because I will be busy looking and playing my boobies…YAY!!!!

At 10am this morning, I was…thinking about boobies.

At 10pm tonight, I will be…thinking about boobies.

Who should be the next Malaysian Prime Minister?

Don’t ask silly question, of course I should. And when I am PM all the government servant, doctor, police, arms forces and school uniforms’ color will be changed to pink. Don’t you love just being stopped by the traffic cops wearing pink helmet and tops, pink tights with pink boots on their psychedelic pink bikes? And Oh I’ll paint the parliament house pink too.

If my spouse told me to do without sex for a year, I would…

Wrapped her up and send her back to my in-laws, with a note attached – “damaged goods”.

If I was a piece of a car, I would be the…gear stick, oh yeah, I am that loooong ;P

If I was told one day that I would have to give up either 1) anything chocolate OR 2) ever seeing the beach again, for the rest of my life, which one will I give up?

I will gladly give up both only if the person who came up with this silly question will give up shitting through his/her ass and use his/her mouth instead …wukakakkakakaka.

Singapore is good for health conscious gays who want to be fit because they have this gay world stadium where all the gays can do gay fitness activities together :P

If I could only say 3 words before I die, what would those last words be?

Hmmm…tough one, I would have gone with “Quick, show me your boobies” or “I want blow job now” but that would be five words already, so I’ll just stick with “I want quickie!”

Die by drowning or by fire?

Drowning I guess because there would be plenty of fire when I go to hell; tough luck for those who choose to die by fire. See y’all in hell :D I’ll bring the marshmallows for the BBQ :P

What one single thing would you buy with your last RM9.95?

Bra for my new boobies :P

If I opened a night club, what would I call it?

“My Church”- For those people who missed church and feel guilty and for those people who are always gets calls from their nagging parents, boyfriends or girlfriends asking them where the heck are they.

Don’t cheat: what’s “bulbous”?

NOUN [b.uh.l -b.ao.l.s] A mature male mammal’s testicles (of which the female mammal is called “cow”)

I think my ass is…good for eating.

Don’t believe me? I’ll proof it to you. Look to your right toward my September’s archive list. Starting with the post “ Eat and be Merry” take the first alphabet of each post title and work down to the last post which is “Season for Doggie” and see what you got .

E _ _ -_ _- _ _ S!!!!

I am Tagging anyone who thinks their ass taste better than mine.

Thank you Pinksterz for the Tag, and now excuse me, let me get back to what I was doing …


I have been tagged by her majesty Princess Eileen with the same tag. Usually I won’t do the same tag again but since it is her majesty, I will do it again. :P Wukakakka. Okie la, actually after reading her post I notice I left out one question, so I better do it or else 3 holed nose and low cost flat for me.

Who would I like to be left on a deserted island with?

I don’t need anyone, I am Mr. Independent, but a paper towel and a dirty magazine would do just fine so that I can spend time cultivating some” Man to Hand” relationship wukakakaka. But really if someone really needs to be with me on that island, a belly dancer with a belly stud will do just fine, so that I can watch belly dancing 24/7.

Thanks to Princess Eileen for tagging me :)