Smelly Candles

Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner again and I don’t know about you but I am stuck with a lot of lanterns candles. Why? Because I was the official candles sponsor for the youth in my dad’s church last year and I am still stuck with the candles purchased last year. I thought I would save it and bring it out again this year but, it seems that candle are banned this year because it seems that the church’s compound has got a new floor and they want no wax on it. So what do you do with shit load of candles?

Make aromatherapy candles and it damn easy to make. You can do it at home.

First throw the entire candle into an unwanted pot and start boiling it until it becomes liquid wax. Add whatever essence you want into the melted wax.

Let it cool down a little, don’t worry the wax won’t harden so fast. Get a nice shot glass or punch cup and pour the wax into it and wait for it to harden.

End product; okla, my finesse isn’t that good, I am still amateur. The pink ones in front are dewberry scented and the brown one is lavender.

In times when there is no electricity, it:

Provides the atmosphere while doing a tarot reading to find out when the electricity is gonna come back on;

Provides extra lighting on your workstation and not to mention making you sweat like a pig.

Provides dim lighting when you watch TV in the dark, so you won’t hurt your eyes. wukakakka

Last but not least,

Invite a fire hazard at home.

So couples if you think it is romantic to light shit load of candles while you make love, think again. You might get the duvet, pillow or your girlfriend’s hair on fire and worst of all getting wax or setting fire on your girlfriend’s expensive lingerie. Damn!!!