Help Me! I am in Work Limbo

Hello Readers,

For the next few days or maybe weeks, I will be stuck here in
the studio working my ass off. Why? I'll reveal something to you is call an "EP". But for now, there will not be any proper post but I will just upload pictures from time to time and some samples of my work in this post. Do come back and check out the pictures and audio samples of the upcoming EP.


One tired doggie.

071107 Sample: Blend of Spanish Flamenco with Blues on the rhythm section. These are just guitars overlapping.

Rhythm fun.

M on the flute.

About the give the Babi (Pig) Producer the finger.

Gifts I brought back from Melaka.

Evie molesting the keyboards.

Woa Woa with her new sling bag waiting to go to the studio with me.My diet at the studio: Lots coffee(black & white) and toasted muesli with dried fruits.
The back of my Washburn guitar.
Stringing up my guitar .My busy body partner at the studio.
on my way out to the studio.
Practice Room.
Mixer and Syn.
Vocal chamber.
Drum kit.