Desperado: wanting your girlfriend back

J. dropped by the studio and I made him a couple shots of my Remy Martin Cognac with Chocolate milk. After a few shots, he was spilling everything out. It seems that he never got over his ex-girlfriend and he was desperately trying to win her back but he was nowhere near. He is despairing, so we sat down and try to get a logic sense to it all by analyzing what he did wrong. Finally, we list down the things guys shouldn’t do if he is desperate to win his ex back. (Basically these are his mistakes)

Even if you are desperate, don’t look desperate

Don’t call her after an hour after the breakup to ask her if she has enough “space”

Don’t “accidently” run into her in the hair salon

…every week

Don’t start asking her friends out

Don’t show up at her office unannounced

Don’t stop by her house either

Don’t try to get her to bed on your “first date” after the breakup

Don’t leave notes on her car; it is a type of low-grade-stalking. (If you sneak a gift or love note into her house, congrats, you have just went up a grade of being a stalker)

Don’t try to get over her head by talking to her parents, sisters or friends. Even if you are in close term with them before, she will sense that a gang-up is under way.

Don’t dramatically alter your appearance (shaving your head, pierce your nose, change your clothing style) that’s lamer than setting up a tent in front of her house.

That’s about the list of things we could come up with, if you have anything to add o it please feel free to do so.