Oooh Laa Laaa~!!

Will someone enlighten meh on what's goin' on around 'ere??? Wukakakakaka... right... party is over now back to some serious business for me, so Pink... wukakakaka.. nak buat camner nih *does the eyebrow* I can't get in to his template, so I can't make it RED as mine wukakakaka...

anyways, a message to X, ooooooooOOOooooooohh X... I MISS YOU SO MUCH muah muah muah.. WUKAKAKAKAKA okay you can go puke however much you like AFTER ME... wukakakaka.. weh, remember to get me the Starbucks mia CARD ah, don't say I didn't remind you, ngehehehehe... Oh don't say you won't be reading your blog while you're in Taiwan-larh... :P

Damn... what shall I do with his blog eh... *think 10 minutes* oooh okay.. i'll share with ya a short vid of my silly dog trying to catch the water SPURTS during a car wash we took her along with... wukakakaka... but excuse sikit, you have to tilt your head to watch it larh, I lupa to horizontal-kan the camera wukakakaka... enjoy... oh btw, she tried biting the WATER sprays and ended up scratching our window tint with her sharp teeth.. punya "sweat" big drop... but she's so cute even Calv forgave her for her misdemeanor wukakakaka.. which will cost him prolly another RM300 for both sides new mia tinting KAKAKAKAKA... now that's for being cute, WEI WEI, and so you peeps, appreciate this RM300 worth mia video *slap slap*


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