x is gone...


i am sad. x has gone for a family trip in taiwan and now i am left all alone here.

i am soooooooooooooooo going to miss him. sniff.

how could you leave me stuck alone in msn?! :'(

just kidding. seriously you think i gonna be sad with him gone ka? hahahahaha! world peace at last for a week! omgwtfpineappletartswithpepsi YAYY!

*jumps around*

anyway, here goes an important announcement to all of you people and also other guest bloggers who got invited by x few days ago.

i hereby command all of you to kneel down and worship pinksterz the great because...

others' emails are blurred because i don't know whether they are okay with me exposing their emails or not


this blog is mine!

mine! mine! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and x is now safely high up in the air so there is nothing he can do about it!!!!

hmmm what shall i do first? change the layout? change the link? or revoke x mia admin status? tee hee hee....

p.s. don't be sad x. i will miss you. i will try to miss you lah. now don't cry okie? :p

p.p.s. eh x (if you happen to come online) i think i want to invite you-know-who to guest blog here. can ah?

++ (live) update ++

1. flux stated his agreement to revoke x as the admin HERE
2. david seems to be incapable to say anything but revoke HERE
3. esther just worship me lah, no need to think about it :p


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