12 days of mellon collie: without you

*introduction of the 12 days of Mellon Collie is available at the xniquet-wiki, click on the above wiki logo link to go to the section, so that you might have a better understanding of what is happening here*

I got my head but my head is spinning running unknowingly, I got my heart but my heart is no good but you are the one that understood, I can’t keep control, I can’t keep track of where I am have been. I came along but I don’t know you are taking me. You just kicking, pulling dragging me. Turn off the sun, pick up the stars from the sky. The more I give in to you, the more I die. But yet I want you, and I need you, and you are what I need now. Without you everything just falls apart. So take me with you, just take you me with you, because without you, everything falls apart.


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