This blog and the internet has taken far too much of my life and it is time for me to pull the plug and hit the kill switch and so I hereby announce I am taking a long break from blogging and also from the internet, it could be weeks, months, and years or maybe permanent, wherever it leads me; I am currently on a road trip to around to wherever my feet leads me. The internet has done miracle to my life, it gave me the chance to connect with people from all ages, races, sexual orientation and all around the world, learning from them and sharing with them. I am grateful to be able to have known great blogging friends whom do matter in my life. But so much so that I have forgotten and diverted most of my attention to this virtual world that I have left most of the people around me in the cold and it is only when you lose them, you realized that they are actually the one whom you should have put forth all your attention to. For now, I choose to live my life as a pariah or an outcast from the internet because I know only through this I am able to find myself again. So if this doesn't bring the end of me, maybe we will meet again this distant future or the next life. I don't know what the future may bring to all of you whom I have come to know but I only wish the best in life for all of you. Yes I have given up on blogging not because I don't enjoy doing so but because it has brought about too much grieve and remorse. I don't consider myself as a good blogger but at least what I try to say what comes from within. But for now, I just wanna fade into the night like a ghost and see the world with my own eyes and not through my monitor. I will update this blog from time to time when I get the chance to get in a cyber cafe.

with love and thoughts

P.S. My apologies to those who are looking forward for the series "Becoming Ultraman", you just have to wait 3 years or more to read it.