You'll Never Forget Faces You Puke On

playing on my iPod:
No Surprises - Radiohead

My fucking fingers was glued to the skip button, going through songs after songs but none of them seem to suit my listening appetite today. I needed something uplifting; I needed something that at least would give me a boost while I try lifting this bell bar which is way above 50kgs above my head and bench press it as much as I could. But the thousands and thousands of melodramatic songs locked inside my iPod just seems to only achieve one thing that is to tear me down and make me feel worse than I already am. I really gotta change the selection of songs in my iPod or it could very well be one of the factors that bring me one step closer to slitting my own wrist. But when something from Radiohead's OK Computer came on, I think the name of the song is "No Surprises". I just sat there on my workout bench like a stone, listening to every "3:49" of it; and then I pressed the repeat button again and listen to the whole song again and again and again. After which my whole almost 2 hour's morning workout was just the repetition of that song over and over again. I have bought the CD when it just came out but never have I felt this way. Never have this song make me felt like this. I must say that the theme of this song is no different from all the emotive and melon collie songs that I have in my iPod but the tune just makes me feel sadder but in a happy kind of way. It is like when you are on ecstasy, you pretty well know that you loath, hate and is depressed with everything about and around you but yet you just couldn't stop the happy and glee feeling that the pill is making you feel, that is why you just can't stop laughing hysterically . This song was just like an ecstasy pill. With the earphones jacked into my ears, the song played on the whole fucking day; by the time I was going to get ready to meet up with my friend E for dinner, I check the play count and it shows "224".

E was punctual like always, he arrived at my door steps right at the dot. Now this is something you don't get these days, a recording artist who is time conscious. Anyway, he ask me do I mind if he brings a friend along to join us for dinner and I told him I couldn't be happier, the more the merrier. So we drove and landed ourselves at one of the Maybank in town and in come a very decent looking and Muslim-like Malay lady into the car, the one that I am pretty sure I have never met before. But wait, what is that smell? I know that fucking smell. Hell, she was one of the Gorgon sisters that smell really good that night. I totally couldn't recognize her with the "Tudung"(veil) and "Baju Kurung"(Malay dress). As we drove pass the bank, she waved goodbye to another 2 ladies who was dressed in that same manner too. I know that two faces even thought I couldn't see their hair; I can never forget the faces of the people I threw up all over while they were giving me oral pleasure. They do look different in "Tudung" and "Baju Kurung" but still the same face minus my vomit all over their faces. Not only I was getting it on with 2 bank clerks (or whatever they are working as), they wear"Tudung" and "Baju Kurung" to work. I wonder how it would be if they were in that attire that night.

My whole fucking face turned red, not because I was blushing but I was trying hard to hold back my laughs as I recall what fucking happened that night. With one of them sitting at the rear seat, I guess I just have to hold back and tell E about it another time.