when panties lands on my bed

What would you do if you find a foreign object on your bed, something that doesn’t belong to you? Of course you will ask who the fuck left it there right. But what if it is something you are not proud of and also something that if you are caught with, you might be labeled as a pervert? If it wasn’t for MLL who is staying with us, I would have just ask my parents and get it over it but since she is there and I wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea that I was a panties sniffing pervert and run back crying & telling her mum. So I had to tackle this situation with care. The only sane thing to do is to analyze the panties and then come up with who does it belongs to and how did it ended up on my bed. The subject is a light pink size small panties with lace and a ribbon on the top left. It seems to have tiny grey polka-dot prints behind it. Judging by its waist rubber it is pretty worn and it must have been 3-4 months old. There are not skid marks, yellow secretion stain, curly hair, and it is emits a heavy detergent smell, seems like it has just been washed and the owner didn’t use any fabric softener. From my observation on the subject: 1. it cannot be my mother’s, because it is too small 2. It cannot be my neighbors’ because there is no female staying there except niggers from Bangala, unless of course one of them wears women’s panties 3. It cannot be one of my well kept mementos of my ex-girlfriends because I think I have much better taste and I wouldn’t keep such a rag 4. It cannot be any of my female friends that came by to my place. The first one to come to mind is Lisa because she is the one who is always around here but I don’t remember her removing any clothing 5. It cannot be the sealed used panties I bought from Japan, because I initially thought that my mum went in my room and help me clean up since I am unable to do so and she saw the used panties which is now a decoration in my room and decided to give it a good washing. Thank goodness it wasn’t, all it’s fragrant and splendor are still intact and sealed up tight in the container. This made me conclude that the panties belongs to MLL. But how did it ended up on my bed? Well, she must have washed her panties and let it out in the balcony to dry and maybe she didn’t clip it nicely. The strong wind blew and it fell to the floor and woa woa who thought it was one of her toy because of all the lace and ribbon must have taken it to my room. woa woa is known to take her toys and play it on my bed and left it there after she is bored with it. So the only sane thing to do is to take the panties out to the balcony and hang it before anyone notice. Case closed. See there is always a logic explanation even to the freakiest thing. But riddle me this, how come all the while MLL is here, I never seem to seen her hang out any of her clothes on the balcony to dry? Anway, I am rather thankful it wasn’t a guy’s underwear with skid marks which landed on my bed, if it is so I would have to sterilize my whole bed.

what does your mind says?
should i keep the panties right beside my sealed up used panties form Japan?


the best
pretty good
pretty bad
the worst