Cynical Fuck

In my iPod: Stick with Me Baby - R.Plant & A.Krauss
State of mind: Destructive
Location: Home Gym

[I could feel a tingling sense of sensuality slithering down my spine; it is times like this when a man wished that the one arousing him in such a way comes from his crush. But wait, I smell paw, I open my eyes, only to be greeted by a slimy wet lick on the face courtesy of my dog]

That was the exact thought that went in my head when I woke up to a sunny Friday morning but as I look at my fucking reflection in the mirror somehow there is a fucking huge glooming cloud hanging over my head.

So you say that time is what I have then wouldn't it be I am just living on borrowed? You say there must be some good in my past and I say yesterdays are for fools who try to remember cause good old days weren't always that much better.

Why the fuck should I bother being “creatively inventful” when whatever the fuck I think of, some motherfucker has done it first. What is the fucking use of working my ass off like a human powered hearse when I fucking know that I will be off spending on things that I can't bring along when I am dead? It is sad but true, this is just another line written on this fucked up post in my pathetic and non-existence blog.

[I sit here frozen in motion listening to the sound of crickets playing in my head's built-in iPod (it plays video too but only when I close my eyes). After a long pause... ]

Hey you know what…

I guess someone drank my half filled glass and I am left here dying of thirst. No rabbit's foot is going to save me; instead someone should keep my cut off foot just so that bad luck would follow.

And so it finally happened, I woke up this morning and now I ain't worth nothing but a Cynical Fuck. You know it doesn't take much to be as cynical as me.

... to go with it and you will be a Cynical Fuck like me in no time.

[I sit here comfortably dumb thinking it must be that I missed my medication last night for feeling what I fucking feel right now.]