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Send in by:anonymous

I am sorry because I am unable to locate the email of this sender. I must have accidentally deleted it before I could put it up on this gallery. So to the cool person who send me this picture, if you are reading this, please let me know your name so that I can credit you for this picture. Anyway, thanks for sending me this, even though it is out of focus but I can see you are trying to carve a name or something on your arm. Great effort on the carving but it isn't bloody enough. Good try.


Send in by: KiNaDIE Hayrend

Thanks goes to KiNaDIE (cool name), I tried adjusting the gamma but I still can't see the cuts, it looks more like scratches than cuts and it is taken too out of focus. But still thanks for taking the time to send in this pic. If you got more, I would love to see it. Thanks a bunch


By: Yours Truly

This is actually my own entry, just to get the fucking ball rolling. It wasn't intended as a wrist cut but i was just trying to see if a broken piece of ceramic can get the work of a razorblade done. and it did, it is nothing too nasty but the cut is pretty deep but it won't be needing stitches. So now you know, you don't need a razor blade to fucking slice your wrist. If you have a mug around just fucking break the handle and it will slash your wrist like butter. I am no professional photographer but here's a little basic tip when you take pictures of your cut wrist, use the macro mode, if the lens is pointed too near your wrist, don't use flash, instead use the daylight to capture a clearer picture.

HALPSSSSS!!!!!! After 3 days of not checking on my own blog, I found out that Photobucket has just lid a fire up my ass, and almost all my pictures that contained sexual position, or any graphical representation of genitals have been taken down because it is in violation of their terms and policies. Talk about getting ass raped, I mean they are just diagrams and drawings of private parts which doesn't suggest perversion (I think). People don't get aroused by looking at them; they get educated and excel in fucking. Motherfuckers would rather go to porn sites to get arouse than see my diagrams and graphical depiction of the best thing in the world - the fucking vagina. But since I am nobody, just a fucking grain of salt on a fucking beach, I am not going to argue and fucking respect their fucked up terms and policies and I'll shall shut the fucking hell up before they fucking delete my account and I have to re-host all the graphic again.

At least I fucking backup all my post , which means I have all the graphics on my local hard disk. So all I need to do is find another site to let me host my pictures that depict the human genitals. If any of you knows any good picture host who isn't as fucking uptight as Photobucket please recommend. I'll be forever be in your fucking debt.

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P.S. I finally used flickr to host all my vagina like pictures, therefore The xniquet's Art Gallery is open again.