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All pictures are send in by: Ash Wilson

"My cut are downward, I don't know if you can tell, the blood makes it harder to make out which direction they are. "

-Ash Wilson

Thank you Ash for sending the picture of your severed wrist. I only published 3 of them because there were two very similar shot and I choose the clearer of the two. You are correct, i cannot really make out which direction is the cut, probably due to the blood and also the camera is kinda out of focus. Next time when you wanna take a clearer picture of your cut wrist you can always use the macro function on your camera. If it doesn't have that you can try taking the picture under a bright light so that it will be clearer. But thank you so much for the effort. Many might disagree with what we are doing but we both know that doing what we do makes us feel more alive.

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"Calling all practicing wrist cutter! I am creating a new gallery for those who love to slit their wrist therefore I am collecting pictures of wrist being slit or wounds resulting from wrist slitting. If you could send it those pictures and your name too, I can add it in the gallery, just so the others can see how cool you really are. "

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