Ghost Caught in Picture?

In my iPod: All Screwed Up - AC/DC
State of mind: Dazed
Location: Home

She was wearing your favorite white and blue stripe shirt with two button in front undone, only to expose her little heart-shaped jade necklace; Her golden oval glasses compliments her sparkling orange lip gloss; She wore her hair back and you could smell that she her Estee Lauder from where you are sitting; Fuck man, how can your colleague be so perfect? Perfect like the girls in your DVD collection that you spent most of your night watching while you pet the one eye snake inside your underpants before you go to sleep.

When that she walked passed you, the only thing that you head is doing is undressing her. Suddenly a shitload of thoughts just rush up to your head. Is she bushy? Waxed? Maybe shaved? You try to picture her nipples either being the pink cherry type or the dark and wrinkled prune-like type or one of those big ass nipples that cover one third of the breast. When she opens her mouth, all you can think about is whether your dick could fit in and does she give a fucking good head? When she turns her back and bend over to pick up something, you pray that she was going to spread those ass cheeks and tease you. You fucking look at her face and you image how she is going to look like with all your cum on her face. Then in the middle of completing your report that is to be due at 10am, there is this sudden tightness in your pants that you can't hold back anymore, you just have to drop every goddamn thing and fucking rush to the gents, with some napkin on one hand and your dick in the other, you quickly perform a ritualistic exorcism of your dick to blow the fucking load.

If you find yourself ever in that situation, all I can say is stay off the porn, my friend. You are fucking are having a porn overdose. Too much of a good thing doesn't necessarily make it better. Even though I don't have porn OD, but I think I have a serious case of spook talk show overdose and it has seriously affected my judgment. I tend to hallucinate and think that everything and anything around me could be paranormal or a manifestation of the spirit realm. Now every time I try looking into a mirror, I would make sure that the reflection is mine and not someone else's. Every time something moves or there is a sound, I will try to logic it out to make sure it isn't done by some spiritual uninvited guest. Every time I look at a fucking picture, I tend to look carefully at the picture; examining every inch and corner to see if there is a spirit that is being capture on camera. I think I finally lost it one night while I was walking outta my Cyber Café to my car, I saw someone walking around my car and looking into it. The first thing that come to my mind was it must be a wandering spirit trying to haunt my car or just trying to get in and follow me back home because it was parked near a cross junction (so they say that cross junction are usually haunted). When he saw me, he fucking ran away. Then only I fucking realized that that was no fucking spirit trying to haunt my car but a fucker who was trying to jack my car.

Seriously, now I know why spooky talk shows are only aired once a week and not every day. Too much of that shit will really messed up your fucking brain. I know because I watched 42 episode of that shit in 3 days. Look at me now.

Anyway, old habits dies hard, so while I was going through the pictures in my friend's Facebook, I accidentally found something really disturbing and I thought I should show it to you. It is actually an apparition caught inside a picture. Certain part of the picture is being censored to keep the identity of my friend. But if you still wanna see the original (click here). Just look carefully behind the bars you can see an apparition's face. I have circle the apparition inside and there is a blowup at the bottom left.

It appears that my friend has captured the ghostly face of the Hamburglar. XD

Alright fuck this shit, I ain’t going to watch anymore show for the moment. It is time for me to catch up with some reading and I think I think you should read Dante’s Divine Comedy if you haven't. So far I have completed the first part of the trilogy- Inferno (hell) and I can’t wait to jump into Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso (Paradise). Many of you may not know but even a fucking jackass like me has my bookworm moments. But fucking spare me the Harry Porter bullshit. I am only into the occult, divinity and morbid reads. By the way, I am looking for English version of Wataru Tsurumi’s The Complete Manual of Suicide. I still can’t find it anywhere. It is fucking times like these, that I fucking wish I could read Japanese.