A Vagabond off to India

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First and fucking foremost, this is just a fucking short update...

And so my fucking friends, in less than 3 weeks, I will be on my fucking way to India to fucking lead a bohemian life style. I got my fucking visa and tickets; my dog will be very well taken care of because Jane has promised come back as often as she can; all my office work is fucking settled (what work?). In my fucking absence my co-workers will be taking turns filling my shoes as the fucking cook; My new HP mini has just arrived (it sucks but I really need to travel light), so hopefully I can update as I move from places to places; I got my travel plan of how I am going to ramble like a homeless cat around India for 5 long weeks to fucking quench this wanderlust demon in me. My motherfucking backpack is ready and it will fucking start from:

But one last thing that I need to do is get my stomach ready for India. You know the one thing that everyone gets (whether you like it or not) from India is the fucking diarrhea. I just talked to Bobo the other day and she told me that her sister actually turned green during her stay in India. I gotta admit that of late I am not that very strong in the stomach. As a matter of fact I am a softie when it comes to that. Since coming back here, I haven't been eating food from the roadside stalls or night market. Heck, I hardly eat out. Thus making me almost 99% certain that I am going to get the looseness of the bowels and I am going to get it real bad. But right now, I am 110% sure because I am having a shitting my ass off after I consume a new product from the night market. It is call a coconut shake. Coconut shake is basically any kind of drink with an added dash of coconut milk. I was told not to but...

So now I am in the process of fucking recovering from my purging disease but what I really need is to strengthen my fucking stomach before I head to land where diarrhea is abundant and free. That is why besides taking Bobo's advice of taking every goddamn immunity jab and Tzyy Ling's advice of packing a medicine cabinet into my luggage, I need to fucking fortified my stomach into a fucking garbage processor, so that I can take in whatever shit they fucking serve there. They say that the more you fucking recover from food poisoning the less venerable you fucking become. So here's my fucking game plan: to get as sick as much as possible from food poisoning, recover and get stronger from it before I leave.

I know it will be over dramatic to eat rotten food or food that I pick up from the ground or trash can; but thanks to the local city council here, they have this cleanliness rating system for restaurants. “A” being really clean and “C” being dirty. So my mission for these 3 weeks before I leave is to dine as much as I can in these “C” class restaurants or maybe even a “D”. I haven't fucking seen a “D” yet but I am guessing it means fucking filthy. You know what, if it is really that filthy, what is difference from eating outta a trash can? Anyways, if anyone is interested in turning their stomach into steel, you can always join me.

I know 3 weeks is still a long way to go but I am already excited. I just can't fucking wait to go to a fucking place where people worships livestock and elephants as deities.

Anyway, I am still glued to my TV watching (some Hong Kong paranormal talk show) that Jane has recorded for me on HD. This shit is fucking addictive and not to mention spooky which is totally to my liking. It's one of them show that after you watched it, you will get all nyctophobia and shit and all you wanna do is sleep with one eye open while gripping your fucking pillow tight. (Alright I admit the last part of the sentence is a rip off from "Enter Sandman" :P)

Ok, so this wasn't a short update after all..my bad.