How to Slit Your Wrist the Right Way

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"Calling all practicing wrist cutter! I am creating a new gallery for those who love to slit their wrist therefore I am collecting pictures of wrist being slit or wounds resulting from wrist slitting. If you could send it those pictures and your name too, I can add it in the gallery, just so the others can see how cool you really are. "

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We are a whole goddamn generation of Google and WIKI slaves; we consult them on anything we want to know. Did you know that if you search on “How to Slit your Wrist?” all you get is a bunch of link to the site that tells you reason NOT to Slit Your Wrist. There is even a site which is clever enough to tell you WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU WANT TO SLIT YOUR WRIST? They ask you to do something else then slitting it. I mean it is good and admirable that these sites are there to help those who are trying to kill themselves. But come on, what about those who just want to inflict self harm on them self? Happiness with never be the same if there is no sadness; Love will never mean a thing if there is no hate; the truth is rubbish without the lies; Life is not much of a worth without death. Come on let’s live a little dangerously… if you strongly disagree with me, I urged you not to read on, because I shall be revealing the correct way of slitting one’s wrist.

The most common way and least dangerous way of slitting your wrist is the “ACROSS THE STREET” cut, it is only fatal in rare extreme cases. Usually this is done when the person really doesn’t want to die; it is only a cry for attention to make everyone thinks that you are suicidal or just to show off your scar. To maximize the effect of the scar, a short-sleeved t-shirt should be wore at all times (preferably black and with a cool band’s name on it, see below for suicidal fashion sense) to highlight the cut area. But you must act like you don’t want people to notice the scar while taking advantage of every available opportunity to show them off or bring them up in a conversation. (This requires more skill than slitting your wrist and it would take days to master)

Alright, enough of fooling around, now to the real thing on how to slit your wrist the right way, it is called “DOWN THE STREET” cut. This is the most dangerous way of slitting your wrist, and it looks way cooler than the conventional “ACROSS THE STREET” way of cutting. This shouldn’t be attempt unless you are really suicidal and not just a lame excuse to get a cool looking scar. Remember you only got one life and it is good to the very last drop; don’t go piss it off just because you want to show people how cool you are.

Suicidal fashion sense