Web Cam Whores/ Year Zero


Errr…I don’t know what is so nice about playing webcam except if you to get naked in front of the cam and try to be famous, webcam should be your thing. But I doubt cam whore and web camwhoring is my kinda thing. Anyway, Jean who is now in UK has been pestering to show her Woa Woa for some time now, so me and woa woa decided to show our faces and at the other end...Jean took a couple of snap shot of us doing funny things …stupid la…this is so the last time, don’t wanna play web cam anymore.

Waiting for a reply

Trying to smooch Woa Woa

Trying to lick Woa Woa

Kena slap by Woa Woa

Woa Woa: “I rock Babe!!!”

Tui, bodoh la, this is definitely the last time………



Trent Reznor, one-man architect of industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails is back and X is going all bananas over new album concept Year Zero. I don’t really know how to begin to explain NIN’s new marketing strategy but one thing I can say is Trent Reznor is a genius, NIN purposely leak their music by leaving USB drives and messengers on concerts t-shirt around the world, while fans try to figure out the hidden messages that would lead them to websites which contains the new songs from Year Zero. This is such a conceptual album and I really like it. You can go and read all about it at nin.com, yes Trent Reznor is a blogger too.



Year Zero track listing

Nine Inch Nails WIKI

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