Warning, Read at your Own Risk

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Love Remains - Gavin Rossdale

Yet another hate mail from an anonymous reader, asking me how I sleep at night when I get suicide notes all the time and knowing that this blog is an “encouragement” to suicides. The answer is simple, I don’t sleep. I just pass out. Since Mr. Anonymous here has taken the time to compose a lengthy mail, I thought I would do a warning note.

Achtung: Matrons and Gigolos

"The following blog is dangerously twisted and addictive. Regular reading may induce insomnia, delusional fantasy of violence, perpetual rebellion, lost of sanity and suicidal tendency. When reading, placed both feet on the ground, tongue firm to cheek, fasten your mental safety belt. Above all remember that as you read this blog the fabric of lies that you call reality begins to rip around you, an uneasy sense of feeling will creep down your spine and fucking throat. This blog isn’t made of rainbows, cinnamon and leprechauns but there is a nightmare holding a scythe behind every line of text in this blog.

Breathe deep, pour yourself a cup of razor blades or
a bottle of carbon monoxide...
ignore the above warning and read on…

p.s. For the record, suicide isn’t masturbatory. It can’t be flipped “ON” like a fucking switch. Ask what this fucked up world and society has done to the suicides; this blog is just to show them how to get it done right.