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An anonymous reader left a comment saying that this is a really sick blog, so I assume that when someone said that, he/she also meant the blogger too. It is so flattering, to have someone who really sees what this blog and blogger is all about. But I got news for you; this is what but a glimpse of the unfinished canvas of lunacy in my head. When I am finished painting that picture, you will be picking up your fucking jaw off the ground.

I felt the sweetest pain inside my body again today. I first felt it 2 nights ago, while I was on my knees thrusting a 22 year old veterinarian student from China (they are so easy, or should I say I am the one who is so easy?). The ironic part is that while she was lying there with her legs spread widely apart and screaming like she was in pain, I was the one who was feeling the pain. You know what, I hate screamers, not only are they fake; they give me a fucking headache. The pain I felt that night was far more intense than a virgin’s pain when they get their hymen busted; it was enough for me to instantly stop fucking the People’s Republic’s vagina, kick her and her bunched up cheap imitation of Victoria’s Secret lingerie off my bed and send them back to the fucking Ming’s dynasty.

After she has left, I thought lots of fluid and rest would do the trick but it only got worse when I started to piss blood. It wasn’t muscular pain, and it wasn’t my bones and sure hell wasn’t my fucking dick (if STD is what you are thinking). The pain felt like it was coming from within; like my internal organs was going to fucking explode. I can feel the cold piercing pain behind my lower back every time I take a deep breath. Something is changing from the inside; like a fucking vortex of shit swirling inside my body. I think my self-destructive lifestyle is finally going to reap what it sowed. Just like Michelle-Who-Doesn’t-Wanna-Die-of-Ebola, I don’t wanna fucking die in a sick bed; sic consulting a fucking physician would be the last thing on my list. For now a couple of Vioxx and washing it down with choruses of Jim Beam shots should reverse this continuum pain (I think).

A girlfriend told me that I looked like a discolored corpse these days but at least I am still in one piece and not decomposing yet.

If this is a snuff film in the making then I am patiently waiting for my rapture to deliver me to my fate and place me in perdition.