playing on my iPod:
Love Remains - Gavin Rossdale

It was a gloomy Tuesday morning and the rain was falling when I woke up. I put on my boxers and I head down to the kitchen to grab some coffee; I really don’t feel comfortable being naked in a kitchen filled with sharp things, i.e. knives. I went up to my room again, placed the coffee on my side table and I lay down on my bed, only to be stabbed in the ass by something small and sharp. I reached down my ass to find a pair of pearl earrings which belongs to Camellia. I recall taking these earrings off, but that wasn’t the only thing I took off last night. Calling her now would only give her the wrong impression. I think I’ll be better off calling her after the Chinese New Year.

I took a sip of coffee and breathe a sigh, now it’s time for me to get to work; so I flipped the switch and went directly to the bookmark that I have saved last night. Now I am exactly where I left off, half way through the 10 seasons of Friends that I‘ve stored in my DVD player’s hard disk. And when I am through with season 5, I think I’ll study some cheat codes before doing some finger cardio on the PS3.

Man, I fucking love my life; it just hit the spot; the spot where everything else is above and nothing else is below.

I remember there was a time, the first thing I ever do in the morning was reaching for the fucking alarm clock and pray that I still have a little more time to sleep before I had to scrape myself off the bed to get ready for work. Well, it’s been 5 years since I owned an alarm clock.

I look out my window, I see my neighbor in his half soaked shirt and tie, holding an umbrella as he rushed into his car to go to work. Motherfucker, why must I always be the unlucky one? What I would give just to be him. Now will you excuse me while I go and have a nervous breakdown and then contemplate on how and when I am going to kill myself…

I scratch my balls and took another sip; my coffee is already cold but it would still get me through today.