World So Cold

In my iPod: Space Oddity - David Bowie
State of mind: Twisted
Location: Bed

The world is so cold and I can feel it under my skin and inside my bones…

The world is fucking cold when a female politician’s nude pictures get spread around the internet resulting in millions of voters simultaneous having erections and wet dreams (which is good because for once in such a long time in this fucking country, supporters and opposition come together sharing the same common interest - which is to fucking find the dipshit that did this shameful act by detail cross examining the pictures. ) I have seen the fucking pictures yesterday and I must confirm that these pictures falls into the category of voyeurism but does not fall into any porn of what so ever because the picture is showing way too little skin to be consider as porn as Louvelle J. puts in. I don’t see what the big fucking deal about it. It is merely a picture of a lady sleeping with her glasses on. In my opinion there is nothing wrong spreading your legs apart while you sleep to let a little air in to cool down certain areas. I mean who doesn’t? The fucking piece of shit who took those pictures and try to make the victim a sex nympho should be fucking throw into jail; no trial no jury, for taking such distasteful pictures. Every fucking hidden cam junkie should know that when taking picture of the ladies’ private part, her legs should be spread at least 90’ wide to be considered as porn. On second thought we all should just fucking execute him for toying with our expectation, we were expecting something more and now we a left not high n all dry.

The world is so fucking cold when you take a girl out for dinner and all they expect is a night of good fuck. But when you explained to them that you are just too tired and feeling sick to fuck them, they would misunderstand you and think that there is something wrong with their looks and blame it on themselves. You then tell them that you would fuck them only if they let you lie down like a dead fish and let her do all the fucking work but instead they take that as an insult in saying that they suck in sex.

The world is so fucking cold when you refused to kiss some who has just gave you oral pleasure or a round of ass rimming. They just don’t get the hygiene part of it; even in the fucking heat of the moment, going ass to mouth is wrong. They think that I am treating them like a dirty whore but the fact is they just don’t understand that I just don’t want to have a tongue stick into my mouth after it has been to somewhere nasty.

The world is so fucking cold when people just seem to judge you from your cover. Just because you don’t fuck a girl on the third date doesn’t mean you like to put a vagina up on a pedestals and fucking worshipped it like a fucking sacred relic and it most definitely doesn’t make you gay. Life isn’t all about sex, not everyone is a pussy magnet who loves to indulge in fucking. Life is more than butthole pleasures, cunt coated shit stain balls, penis and dildo combo value fuck, pussy juice cocktail, anal dipping and ass rimming buffet. Instead of just cock and ass and tits, we should be more concern about connection and I don’t mean genital connection. But it doesn’t exist in the world that we live in today.

The world so cold…What kind of world am I living in? I can’t feel anything and I don't think I have the fucking will to fucking live in it anymore... or probably it is just my air conditioning turned on full blast since 2 days ago; why didn’t I think of just switching it off?

What I wrote may seem like butt filth to you but I am Van Gogh's missing paint brush and I am here to fucking cum in your fucking brains.