Colitis the Titan Bane

In my iPod: Love - Def Leppard
State of mind: ass fucked
Location: Home

When you wake up feeling like a senile old fart in the morning; every fucking inch of your corpse-like body is covered with searing torment; You can hardly scrape your lifeless ass off the bed; you fucking know that you are fucking-ly fucked up beyond fucking fuck ups. Once again I had to fucking learned it the hard way; feeling like an impenetrable colossus after I have taken all my Hepatitis shots from A to Z, I was fucking invincible as a fucking titan (which of course was nothing more than a state of mind). I thought I wanted to give my new and improved body immunity a trial run before I head to the land of diarrhea, so I headed to the dirtiest food stall and start to binge whatever filth they have to offer there.

Look at this high tech piece of fucking water dispenser. If you fucking order a glass of iced water, this is where they fucking get the water from… Fuck this crap; I cannot begin to imagine where they fucking keep the ice. You know, I cannot start to image how it is going to be like in India because all I know is that this place right here is consider super clean compared to the places in India.

If you are wondering how am I right now? I must say I am pretty fine, except for all the puking and purging. I have been commuting every 10 minutes from my bed to the toilet for the last 12 hours. So right now, I am official crowned the King of the Crapping throne (toilet bowl). Hell no, Zeus isn't the bane of the Titans, Colitis is.

But all is not lost when I have a great white “pillow” to comfort me in my time of tribulation cause by the looseness of my bowels.