Family Bizness

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Location: Kemaman

Just 2 days after the Chinese tradition of grave spring cleaning at my parents' home town - Kemaman. I had to once again drive back there because my grand uncle was moving. He was moving to a nice spot at the upper side of the hills and his address was six feet under.

Have your parents ever make a threat when you were a kid, saying that if you are naughty they are going to let the big black “Keling” (Indian) guy take you home? I got it most of the time when I was just being a pain in the ass; kicking, screaming and rolling on the ground inside the departmental store because my parents didn't wanna get me a set of Lego. But as soon as some pitch black “Keling “ pass by us, my dad could sense my consternation and all he had to do was point towards him and I will automatically shut the hell up. I mean which fucking kid would wanna be brought home by some foul smelling black Indian troglodyte. I think that this is probably one of the many ways Chinese parents flex their muscle to keep their children in line; racist yet effective. I wonder if the Indians say this to their kids when they are fucking pestering them…

Parents giving away their kids may sound absurd but a couple generations back. It was a general practice in small places, just like this small town of Kemaman. People were poor and they would do anything to give their kids a better life, even if it means giving away kids to some better off families. Some of them even practice the barter system. You see, when one family wants to have a girl in the family because they are blessed with just too much dicks in the family, they would exchange the boy with a family who is abundantly overflowing with vaginas at home and is in need of some testosterone. And this doesn't just goes with one race, the exchange takes place even between families of different races. I have yet to confirm a Chinese and Indian transaction. I guess Chinese-Indian transaction is just too cruel for the kid and it would be like a nightmare come true.

Don't believe me? I got proof. Because out of the 4 daughters of my grand uncle, two of them are Muslim. So what? They may have embrace Islam and have their named changed. Well, that true for one of them; the youngest, who elope with a funky smelling Malay guy right after her SPM. But it wasn't for the case for his third daughter, who was also my aunty which I met the first time today. She was given away by my uncle 46 years ago to a Malay family and today was the first time that she came back. Standing there all dressed in a corn flower Malay traditional dress and a white tudung(veil). Everything about her emanates “I am a fucking Malay”, but the only thing that gave her away was her looks. Standing beside my other aunties, how can anyone argue that they were not sisters.

It was one of those really dramatic funerals, the sky was dark and gloomy and it drizzles and occasionally poured. And when they lowered the caskets it rained down so fucking hard, the ground we stood almost gave in. It was almost like one of them scene from a movie when the hero's master dies and the hero vowed for revenged kinda setting. But of course, my uncle lived a good life and died of old age.

They say that death torn families apart, but I am not entirely too sure about that, because today I saw a family being brought back together. I may have lost an grand uncle today but I have gained a new aunty.

If you are still skeptical about this whole kid giveaway thing, here's a living proof. About 100 years ago, a rich lady from China came to Kemaman with 2 children, a girl and a boy. The little girl grew up but could never give birth to any children of her own. But at towards the end of her life, she had two daughters and a son. Her eldest daughter had a son that many have come to know this fucker as x.