From Delhi with Love

In my iPod: Fly From The Inside - Shinedown
State of mind: alienated
Location: Delhi International, India

All I fucking remember was getting a smile from a hot hochie-momma air stewardess with the tightest top. Her fucking tits was almost exploding outta her blouse. Yeah I might be shameless but I am just not that low as to point my fucking camera at her tits, just so I can show you how fucking volupcious she was. It must be a sign from God telling me that this trip is going to be a "firm" one. After that I must have fucking passed out. The next thing I know I am in another place with another fucking time zone. I think I must be too fucking tired because I hardly had any sleep for the last few days; not because I was excited about the trip but I was just thinking a lot about the people that I was going to leave behind.

It was touchdown Delhi International. Everything seems to be the same up until I notice my fucking surroundings. You see, I fucking come from a multi-racial country and I consider being around napkin niggers and dot heads to be something pretty normal. But where I fucking come from, they are the fucking minority, well, except on Thaipusam day; you'll see a fucking black queue parading up Batu Caves, KL. But here it was like fucking Thaipusam day 24/7, and it is not only one line heading towards one direction; there are every fucking where. Shit on me, I‘m the fucking minority here and seeing so much shit around me, I just cannot help but to feel a little browbeaten.

Since I am all alone here and being all oriental yellow, it is hard for me to fucking blend in and act like one of them locals. So I am constantly reminding myself to lay off the alcohol because I might use racial slur like shit, crap, charcoal, napkin head, dot heads, Slurpee jockey or maybe I might even insult their fucking cricket team which I think holds the death sentence here.

Bearing that in mind, I'm off to Delhi Street where I was fucking told I can get the best and cheapest hotel.

Hey! Hey! Look! Look! A real live one… a Napkin Nigger! Yayy!

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