xniquet Goes Green: Happy Earth Day 2009 Motherfuckers!

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I am fucking sorry I never ever used recycled paper in my whole fucking life; I am sorry I only use high energy consumption light bulbs to light up my fucking porch because that's the fucking way I like it; I am fucking sorry for burning unnecessary petrol and driving to anywhere and everywhere even if it is just walking distance away; I am sorry if I always insist for a plastic bag from the fucking cashier and sometimes asked if I could have more so that I can use it to take to fill in my garbage at home; I am sorry I never off the lights in my house because I've got fucking thick curtains; I am sorry I never switch off the charger because it is faster to just unplugged the phone once it is done. (That would explain why I constantly need to change my charger); I am sorry if my house if full of aerosol cans, what can I do? I am just learning to become a graffiti artist and I fucking need practice; I am sorry if I on the air-conditioning almost 20 hours a day , yes I do leave it on when I am away because it would be insanely unwise and a fucking waste of time to wait for the temperature to lower.

Hell you know what, I felt so ashamed to know that you fools, no…sorry I mean nice environmental friendly people turned off the fucking lights for one fucking hour during earth hour while I was having a light show. I was fucking showing off to my buddies my fucking kickass chandelier that fucking cost me a bomb. But watching it light up like the sun was in my house that night, I quickly forgot how much more electricity bill I had to pay for leaving it on the whole night.

You know what it is hard to be green when you are living in a fucking third world town within a third world country. The nincompoops around you just have no sense of what the hell is recycling, energy conservation and shit things that you Al Gore brownnoser care about. You can't fucking blame me because I live in an environment who thinks going green is nothing but a waste of time and a commercial stunt. But I do respect what all you green fanatics are doing to help save this fucking earth. So here is a token of appreciation to you people, I hope you like the little decoration to the earth's atmosphere my neighbor did on earth day.

Bummer isn't it to know that there are still asshole such as I that spat in your fucking faces? Anyways, Happy Earth Day Motherfuckers!

P.s. don't forget to watch Earth day video that I made for you in the fucking video section way down below. Enjoy !