It Felt Like My Childhood Had Been Taken Away

In my iPod: Man In the Mirror - Michael Jackson
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Location: Bangalore, India

After admiring the beautiful round breast and nipples of the Thai girl that starred as a hooker in Bruce Lee's The Big Boss, I was about to make an early retire to bed. This is what went through my head, how come the girls in all those 70s movie look so bloody fine while when 80s came, all the girls suddenly turn butt ugly as if they were hit by an ugly stick? Damn, I totally dig the chics in the 70s flick. Enough of 70s babes of the silver screen; as I was saying, I was about to hit the sack, old habit dies hard, I had to reload Twitter once on my mini Opera and see if there is anything new that is going on in the world right now. Usually it would be just crap at this time of the hour. but this caught my eyes:

"Oh well, he wasn't as "Invincible" as he claimed to be..."

"Yeah, nothing like a little stay in the hospital to attract some media attention to his dying popularity..."

"Hmmm....seems to be getting pretty serious..."

"Huh? you gotta be kidding me..."

"See, it could be a publicity stunt..."

"Is this for real ??? One minute he is revived , one minute he is dead"

"Alive again???"

"Alright when you see Lim Kit Siang Twittering about it, I am pretty sure that Michael Jackson's fat lady has sung. "

I know this isn't what you would expect from a Pop hater like me, but as I try to sleep I just couldn't help but to feel heavy hearted by his sudden death. All the mean things we say about him, the jokes and insults that we throw at him doesn't alter the fact that he was indeed a great artist and in some way or another, his songs has influence our lives. Have the scandals and lack of popularity of recent years overshadowed what he has achieve or is it just us trying to ignore his contribution and concentrate on his negative side? I admit that I was one that was ashamed to have my friends caught me listening to his songs while I was in college and I joined in the laughs and mockery when who would. I don't know where all this hatred started but it took his sudden death to remind me that I was the 7 year old kid who tried stealing money from my mum's purse because I wanted to get a copy of Michael Jackson's BAD cassette. Of course I got caught and was served a whooping chorus of cane noodles but only to find the cassette on my bed the next morning. We all have our Michael Jackson moments and mine was some serious ass whooping for trying to steal. As a old fart who has lived his life for almost 3 decades,I practically grew up to Michael Jackson's music and today it almost felt like my childhood had been taken away from me.

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