xniquet and the Queen of Sheba

In my iPod: Break Away - Staind
State of mind: Blank
Location: Bangalore, India

There she was, sitting at the lobby again. Unbeknownst to her that I had my eyes set on her for days now; well, almost I guess. I mean who wouldn't notice her when you are living in a city surrounded by curry reek locals and the way too often beer swelling white tourist floating around your hotel. Her race was an eye sore to me not because I am against little yellow skin people, but I was one of her kind.

I first saw her in the lobby a couple of days ago; she was making a phone call. I guess she didn’t notice me. But I sure hell noticed her not because it was an encounter of the third kind but it was an encounter of my kind after almost 2 months in this curry malodor Reich.

Our second encounter was when I was already in the lift and I saw her coming towards it; trying not to be so aware of her presence , I was going for the “Oh I didn’t notice you coming in the lift, by the way, where are you from” approach. So I tilt my head upwards and try not to make any eye contact, at least not until she was in the lift, just so that I can give her sufficient time to notice me first and then when she couldn’t stop staring at yours truly, I would turn on my full charm and come in for my killer introduction. But I guess I waited too long, when I look down, she wasn’t there anymore.

So this is the third day in a row and the third time that I am seeing her in the lobby and I have to admit that my curiosity is slowing eating me up like cancer. I really gotta know where she is from and what the fuck is she doing here? So I gathered up my balls and walked up to her and around her couch where she was sitting and then pretended to make a phone call before picking up a newspaper from the counter and sat on a seat that was like 10 meters from her as I pretended to indulge myself in today's news for about five minutes, only to find that it was in Tamil (as you fucking kidding me); So I took the newspaper back to the counter again and walk by her couch 2 times before, going up to her. Yes it was all necessary ,just so I don’t look that needy.

My introduction wasn’t planned or rehearsed, so it just came out bluntly. I told her, most of the time I only walk up and introduced myself to sweet and charming ladies, but for her I was going to make an exception. Suddenly I realized what I just said came out so wrong but she immediately laughed. I don’t know whether she understood what I have just said or maybe she was just taking it as a joke, but that was how I met Olivia of Singapore, who was on a short trip to visit a friend. I told her my side of the story that I was a backpacker *slash* vagabond traveling aimlessly across India with no plans, no directions and no sense of what I am gonna do next and she went like.. “Yeah right and I am the Queen of Sheba. How can it be that a backpacker covers so little of India in such a long period of time?” Well, it just occurred to me that she might be just right...

Then I found out that this was going to be her last day here, so I pushed my luck a little (Okie, for a guy like me I admit a lot) by asking her out for dinner but was shot down immediate not because I looked like a serial killer or a pervert but she already have a prior arrangement for the night. But lunch and a little Sari hunting for souvenir afterward is all she could offer me.

And so that was how you found us merrily having luncheon in a small Chaat restaurant just down the streets at BD road.

On our way to get sari

The Queen of Sheba goofing around; sorry no face cause I didn’t get her permission.

23/6 At the Hotel Gym

22/6 Curry Lobster

21/6 Luncheon with Olivia from Sg

18/6 In a bookstore, looking for Iris Chang's book

17/6 Wacthing Angels and Demons

17/6 I got my wings

15/6 Going out for Dinner

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