One Cold Night

In my iPod: America's Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy
State of mind: Cold
Location: Bangalore, India

Hell has definitely weakened me; I mean India. I woke up feeling like an unseasoned runner who has just completed a marathon that is way outta his league. Waking up feeling tired than you were before you go to sleep; now how can that be? The only sane explanation to my queer exhaustion must be that I am fucking sick again. The moment the first drop of mucus slip rolled down my nostril and sensation wanting to sneeze hit me, I fucking knew I had caught a cold.

For days it rained and stopped and rained and stopped, almost turning the temperature of this city into a wild rollercoaster ride. The last thing from last night I remember doing was that I partied with Iris Chang’s The Rape of Nanking, ate a huge pack of Lay potato chips, drank 3 liter Pepsi, slurp a tub of ice cream, I was in my birthday suit and it was fucking raining. I guess it must be the fucking rain that made me sick. Damn you rain!

So,I told myself that I needed to get some real food if I wanna recover quick; you see potato chips and fish crackers has been my main meal for the last 2 days. So I stopped a taxi and headed to town with the intention of having a wholesome and healthy dinner (Yes, I slept through almost a day) but I was sidetracked by the sign “Internet Inside”.

On my way out

After I was through spreading my germs on the mouse, keyboard and monitor, I came out only to find that it was too late to get a decent meal here and I was just too tired to go to up town in order to do so. With much thought (within 2 seconds), I decided to give Lay potato chips another day but seeing that I was not in tip-top health, I decided to pick a more healthy pack which says “Less Salt “. See who the fuck says I can’t take care of myself?

But you know what I would give a testicle and a limb for right now? A good and warm bowl of Chicken flavored Maggie Instant Noodle. My mum used to make that for me every time I catch a cold. It made me feel better when I m sick and sick when I am better (that is why I don’t normally take it). But she isn’t here and I am a long long way from home. Sometimes home isn’t just a place or country that you fucking grew up and live in but it is the little little things that you cannot get anywhere around the world and of all time I had to get a 101 on it tonight.

With only my remaining 3 senses still functioning, I turned back to the convenient store, looked for a pack of crackers that says chicken flavor, paid and head back to my hotel. Even though it wasn’t the real deal but it still has chicken written on it.

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