The Malevolent Momo

The Chinese calls it 饺子(jiaozi), in Japan they call it Gyoza, but here steamed dumplings are known as Momo. Nepali has been inhaling Momo as long as they know it and I was told that at some point of time, Momo has over taken the identity of Nepal.

My first Momo experience was in a fairly clean restaurant that was recommended by the locals and tourist alike. As I patiently wait for my Momo to arrive, I have notice one thing here in Nepal. It seems that family to a Nepali is very important; I am not saying that it isn’t in other parts of the world but somehow I feel strange having a total stranger in a foreign land asking how’s my family doing? But I guess it is the norm here because it isn't an uncommon thing for sellers here to ask you “May I help you?” followed by “How is your family?”. And it was at the moment of thoughts that my half dozen chicken Momo and half dozen buffalo Momo found its way to my table, leaving a trail of steam in the atmosphere. Frankly it wasn’t love at first bite because having tasted treats that looks like it has sort of gave me the impression that it tasted weird but most probably it was the insane amount of Tibetan yak cheese and curd inside. But as the dozen of Momo makes it way down me and got acquainted with my tummy, I was beginning to get pass the taste and as a matter of fact I was starting to fell insanely in love with it. Now having Momo feels like a halfway blessing that I do not deserve. [I really gotta steal the recipe to the best Momo in town]

Thanks to Rabin & Nazzz for mentioning that I shouldn’t miss out eating Momo; now every time I see steam rising from the streets, my senses would sharpen like a bloodhound and my Momo-lust would take over as I scout the surroundings for the stall that is selling this mouth watering treat. I know I shouldn’t be having street food yet as I just recovered from diarrhea, but I have became somewhat a Momo junkie. So screw the sickness because Momo has robbed me of my sanity and I just couldn’t go a meal without it as long as I am in Nepal. I know I should be gaining weight but what concerns me is that what if I lose control and ate too much and end up looking like a Momo.

Damn you malevolent Momo!