How Deep Does the Cut has to be?



by Lia

This is probably the bloodiest picture so far and I see some nasty cuts on the tights too. Way to go?

You know, I have been asked how deep the cut has to be and the answer is simple - how fast do you want it to end? As long as you do it right and it bleeds and when you bleed out enough, you will eventually get there. Think of it like a flood gate, the bigger the gate is open, the faster the water will flow out and when it’s empty, there’s when you know you are done.

"Calling all practicing wrist cutter! I am creating a new gallery for those who love to slit their wrist therefore I am collecting pictures of wrist being slit or wounds resulting from wrist slitting. If you could send it those pictures and your name too, I can add it in the gallery, just so the others can see how cool you really are. "

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