All Hope is Lost

I believe once in everyone life there will come a time when you will feel like all hope is lost; like you live in desolation; when it seems like only the night shrouds all the days of your life… You know where I am getting to and it is times likes these you fucking know that no matter what you do and what you don’t do, it will never ever gonna alter the facts and you don’t even wanna ever step on a weighting scale ever again because it is not showing you what you want them to. I am sure a lot of you out there would understand how hard it is to ever get on a weighting scale again after experiencing that shit...

Son of a bitch, my fucking sickness has taken almost all my water weight with it to hell and I am left with only my hollow shell and I couldn’t believe how little my fucking hollow shell weights. Now all my dreams of ever becoming a wrestler shatter as I read my weight off the fucking scale. This isn’t right, how can someone loose so much weight in 3 days?

Even though my ordeal has left me weighting less than 55kgs (not going to tell you exactly how much because it is too pathetic and I want my pride to remain intact) and altogether left me looking a little less than just skin and bones but I guess I have grown wiser than to ever partake any tap water from here. The Nepali word of wisdom fills my head as it replays over and over again. I shall never ever forget these mystical words:


…which translated means I need boiled water!

*So please excuse me as put myself on a supra carbo-diet and what better way to kick start than to have lots and lots of Dal-Bhat (Nepali’s Staple meal – Rice with Dal)

**either that or I need to find myself some really skinny friends to make me look fatter.