Disk Space is Low

Where does the pain go when it is gone? Forgotten like ancient history? Does it disappear into thin air? Or does it slip into our unconscious mind and lay dormant inside of us, waiting to resurface again. Most of the time, I think pain has a sick sense of humor and it likes to fuck with you; it’ll pick the worst time to make its grand re-entrance; it loves to get you when you're off guard, snap you in the ass and kick you while you're still down on the floor.

Or maybe our unconscious mind is like a hard disk with limited capacity. As more and more pain gets written and stored in it, eventually it would run outta space. Ever tried forgetting one pain but all you get is the reminder of another? May it be in the form of a dream or just a déjà vu or maybe a song that hasn't been sung for a long time? When your hard disk space is running out, your pain will raise again. Three decades of storing and now I think my hard disk space is finally running on low. It’s all coming back to me in the most peculiar way.

So what the fuck should I fucking do now? Sometimes I wish it was as easy as going for a disk upgrade…

So here’s another new portable terabyte of hard disk that I got today to replace the hard disk that was stolen while I was in Lhasa, Tibet.

But we know it ain't that easy, don't we?