Almost Famous?

Today I met a friend…

“To me a blog is a piece of parchment where I can be completely honest and write down all my inner thoughts. “

But today, the people who once said that the net has given them the opportunity to be themselves are using blogs and social network site as a tool to boost their popularity for the sake of their own celebritarian needs. In fact these days, people are more concern about their online reputation more than their real self. They would rather look better on the webcam or pictures uploaded to their blog than being caught without any make up in the real world. Our whole goddamn generation has turned into a blog traffic craving, fame mongering, and picture photoshopping freaks that leeches off the net for the sense of belonging. You know when they say that the internet world is slowly becoming like the real world, I totally agree with it because everyone is starting to put on a mask and everyone is just as superficial on both sides.

So tell me, is it ever safe again just to be your own self in the net or are you just going to be label as a cry for attention for being different. Where is this place where you could be yourself and speak your unpopular thoughts and opinion without being labeled nut job? Whatever happens to the honest person inside of us who just wants others to accept him for who he is? Has the need of being famous and accepted made us forget who we really are inside?

If you ask me...

fuck trying to get famous, fuck trying to get approval, fuck trying to mind what others think about you and fuck anyone who thinks less of you for being who the fuck you are.

Let me rephrase this sentence again, "To me a blog is a piece of parchment, where I can be completely be honest and write about my malicious intents, my scandalous fantasies, my murderous cravings, my blasphemous thoughts, my betraying affections, my indecent proposals, my sinful conducts, my immoral affairs and most of all, me. "

Today I met up with a friend I haven’t seen him for ages but what I gathered from his "famous" blog, everything seems to be heading his way, he is doing super fine and is having the time of his life. Even his friends from his social network pages could bloody flood a stadium 3 times over. But I never really thought that he could be so pathetically low on the downside of his real life. Even an outcast hermit like me has more friends than this "famous" blogger.

I felt sorry for him, I really do.