Over You

He says it’s so loud here yet it has never been so much quietness inside his hollow and emptied out soul that has just been left so vacant that even any spirit would haunt. He's tried from all the fucked up things in his life that has come undone and now he tries to take refuge under the shadow of this world's scorching sun. Yet he realized that there is just no escape from this tormenting silence inside of him.

He likes writing and watching the sun as it hits her long silky hair; she likes talking and listening to him serenades while it rains outside.

Now they're not talking because of his mistakes.

He lied, lied, lied.

..and it is killing him that he can't tell her the truth. So he is writing these bottled up feelings for her on a little piece of paper and hoping someday she might find. For now, he'll hide it behind something, so they won't look behind...

“I painted our room late at midnight, so that I'll know that yesterday was over. I've placed all your books on the top shelf. I took down our pictures from the walls and wrapped it in newspapers. But in all of these, I 'm still feeling caged up inside here, and I'm hoping that maybe one day you would finally come around. I really wish that this could have been any other way than this. But please forgive me for I just don’t know what else I can do.”