Nothing in this Silence

I m clueless as to what am I even doing these days. I wake up at 6am to find myself pedaling my balls off to almost 70clicks every morning. I rest for which I felt like a little while, and then I get myself ready to run another 5-6 miles in the evening. Even before the day is through, I am already lying horizontally on my bed getting ready to sleep; sometimes without dinner because I'm just too tired to eat. Most nights I slide in a Blu-ray disc hoping to catch a movie but even before the starting credit ends, I’m already sound asleep.

Everything just sorta repeats itself the next day.

No, I am not training for some endurance event; no, I am not trying to lose weight, in fact the last I checked, I should be putting on weight. I don't hang out with my friends much; heck, I don't even interact much with my online friends these days. I’m now a hermit that is turning into a ball of silence; lately, I don't even have much to say here in my blog. It’s not any emotion sickness that I am having but I think it is just probably boredom that the banality of my mundane life provides me.

So should I be sucking God's dick and be thankful that everything in my life is damn peaceful right now? Or should I be worried that this stillness in my life is just the calm before the big shitty storm? Fuck it, this isn't going to well with me at all. I should be out somewhere looking for trouble or stirring some shit up.

But for now, I am just corpse-like tired to my motherfucking bones. You can expect me to go on a hiatus, at least until I get over this fucking silence that is binding me.