Man's Age & Woman's Breast

I'm not really back from my hiatus, but since I have some fucking time to kill, so here are some random thoughts...

Everyone fucking knows that as you grow old, your needs changes in every aspect. From your daily food intake to your religious faith to your sexual needs. Things that once satisfy you doesn't even leave a fucking dent on you right now. I am fucking sure all you drug junkie knows what I'm talking about.

I remember in Sunday school, all it fucking took was the story about Jesus walking on water to make me a believer; but right now, even if Jesus was standing in front of me, I would go, ”I don't dig your salvation plan, so what the deal, bitch? Where's the fucking fine print?”

Remember the time when you started dating? All it took was a bunch of roses and a stroll in the park to make her feel on top of the world. But now, if it is anything less than Tiffany’s & co., it'll be hitting the cold showers or hell to pay later. I guess when we aged, our container gets bigger and it needs a shitload more to fill it up before we are satisfied.

I think you all know where I am getting at but when I started penning this down, I was going to write about changes but not these types of changes. You see, I was having coffee this morning and I happened to be sandwiched in between two groups of guys. On my left, guys about my age and on my right middle aged uncles. They were having their own conversations but both the topics were the same - women.

The younger group of guys was talking about how they wanna fuck slim model-like girls with long legs & perky breast while the older generation said that they couldn't care less about how the girls look as long as they have melon breasts, they'll fuck it; which led me to a conclusion there is a correlation between a man's age and a woman's breast size. The older a guy gets, the bigger the woman's breast they want.

Don't fucking believe me, next time if you see an dirty old man checking out chics, look where their eyes are staring. I m fucking sure it's the breast and I’m sure they the breast that they are checking out is at least rock melon size.