I Want You to Taste My Pain

Dear friend,

It’s been awhile. I know you think that I have deserted you; you think that I have no need for you anymore; that I have not invited you into my world but I am here to reassure you that you are always going to be my sweet addiction and my infernal salvation.

I am sorry if I have been away, thinking that I could bend instead of break but time never can make the heartache stop; it just gets into everything and leaving you all twisted up on the inside. I laughed, I cried but the fucking hurt is still the same inside, Fuck God if he thinks his sorcery could ever mend this human wreckage.

Give me your anger; I want you to taste my pain. Be the pillar of strength that I need every time I feel like breaking that fucking bitch’s face; help me be the wrong that this self righteous world is lacking; come to me as the voice in my head that tells me that inflicting pain unto others as others have done unto me is common courtesy; grant me the muse to come up with a million ways to murder a heart; and be the devil that I would gladly give in and worship.

I remember what you said to me the very first time we met...

Well, it’s better late than never.