Do You Feel Love: She was on Death Row & I was the Executioner

I have a dirty little fable to tell, plucked from the very rotten core of my blacken soul; I bring you the human lust and the very essence that makes up every goddamn dirty old man. And this is my side of the story, the decadence of just how low of a scum I can sometimes be, but I hope it will send tingles that would prickle your mental vagina. This is a fusion of loath and lust; this is my moral standing laying flat on the ground…

part 1 - Do You Feel Love: Man Juice & Moist Vagina

As the flickering light hits her body, I could clearly see the humps and lumps forming a series of serious curves on her. With a body like that, it was enough to turn any ordinary monk sworn to chastity into a registered rapist. And they say that money is the root of all evil; well, I say watching a female with a body like that, shaking her ass could do more harm than having money. I couldn’t take my eyes off her that night but inside my thought that was not the only thing I wanted to take off.

There comes a time when we heed a certain call, and you definitely will know it when you feel the tightness in your crouch and the sensation of wanting to explode in your pants. It is the call for some action to be taken. It is a call for you to fucking get a room and get it over with.

Yes, I wanted her; I wanted to be inside her; I wanted to ride her so hard that she wouldn’t be able to walk the morning after. But all this wasn’t out of opposite attraction or the human lust but the masochistic part of me is trying to burst out. Simply fucking her brains out isn’t enough anymore; I wanted more, I wanted her to get acquainted all over again with pain, I wanted to humiliate her, I wanted to cum on the worst part of her body anyone could cum on. Maybe her hair but it has already the stench of a million cigarettes. So I guess aiming straight into her eyeballs would give her a good sting or maybe straight into her nostril, that would probably leave my dick’s malodor in her senses. If that happens she would smell nothing but my penis’s flavor for the next few days.

Yes, all of that went through my head as I was contemplating whether to bring her back into my room or not. Somehow the thought of not wanting to break my promise to my little niece of bringing her to the beach early next morning kept me from doing all the above. I should be heading home and not coming up with ways to torture this girl which I barely even knew.

If you live in a small town like mine, you would know that everyone here is somehow connected to someone you might know and a couple of days later I found out that the girl that I nearly fuck that night was my classmate’s niece. Seriously, if I had done what I wanted to do to her that night, I wasn’t a bit worried that my classmate would clobber me because in order to do that he needed to climb outta his grave. But what freaked me out was if I can choose to do what I want to do to my classmate’s niece, I definitely can’t stop some jerk from doing the same to my little niece when she is all grown up and that is a very scary thought.