My Angel.

The helpless feeling rising in my throat. I'm dealing with this pain and hate inside alone. You are the angel who kept me alive. You are the one. For you, I would die. But, now all I see is the ashes of your wings. All I can breathe is that deadly disease. I never really cared how you felt till now. I never knew how wrong I was till you were never around. I lay in the ashes crying my soul. I lay and wait for darkness to enclose.

Still I wait in the dead of the night, the hours have gone and I cannot cry. Among the leaves, I softly seethe and wait for the pain to release me. Tears, blood and ashes of my angel fill my lungs. I heaved and breathed yet still the night air stung. I close my eyes. I regret my lies. The darkness surrounds leaving my body to die without a sound..