I am Shiva, The Great Destroyer

The last thing I remembered was the fucking irritating sound of that damn kid screaming from the top of his fucking lungs.

Everything went blank and the next thing I know, I've pinned the kid against the wall with my hand choking him down. I don't know what the fuck was going on but I felt that I was biting my teeth and my other hand was in the form of the fist. It was fucking obvious that I wasn't going to pet him.

The thought of hurting another living soul has never crossed my fucking mind; well, except for this one time where I wanted to rearrange my dad's pastor's front teeth for talking too much trash... and maybe a couple of times when I fantasized about biting off a slut's nipple while having sex... and this one time I thought about crucifying my biology teacher upside-down to a tree, cut her up a little and then pee on her wound. Besides that I'm really a non- violent person. And…ermmmm... the wild thought of chewing a chunk of meat off a hot girls' ass doesn't count right?

When I realized what I was doing, I quickly let go of my choke hold. I didn't know what has gotten into me. Anger suddenly took over me, it turned me into one bad motherfucker, and in the words of Jules Winnfield, I was a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, every time that fucking kid opens his mouth I'm super-fly T.N.T. Right about now, I can proudly say this:

Later that day, my heart was filled with remorse but my remorse was that what I haven't done to that damned kid. I know its fucking wrong but there's a certain rush that excites me every time I think about what could have happened. The notion of striking fear into heart of the weak arouses my every sense; the thought of inflicting pain on that damn kid ignite my inner flame. That very moment all I wanted was to be Lord Shiva the great destroyer!

It's no secret that I am losing my mind. Violent thoughts is somewhat fun but actually translating my madness into reality is actually a beautiful rush.

I guess its happening sooner than I anticipated; I'm not sure how long will my sanity will be kept intact. Maybe I should seek help before I decide to liberate my madness by purchasing a fucking gun.