You're Killing Me

Seriously, I am not sure what you’s people are thinking? What the fuck do you want from me? You say you wanted my honesty and sincerity and that you will not judge me; yet after bearing a chunk of my soul to you, all I can feel now is you distance all over me.

Your fucking silence is killing me.

This is worst than being cheated on and far gross than being raped upon. Not that I have been raped but then again if rape involves sex, just how bad can it be? So if you are being rape, why not just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Anyway, back to the rant.

I am motherfucking furious; I am a furious motherfucker. After all I have done and have not done, this is how you thank me? By your non reply and avoidance?

I can’t believe that you would pre-judge me, put a tag on me, nutshell me even before I did anything to you. Talk about you hating superficial person. Yeah right…

So where did I really gone wrong? I didn’t even try to sweet talk you to bed, I didn’t even ask you to show me them boobies on the cam. The only mistake that I did was telling you what I was like on the inside and you have chosen to tie this fucking noose around my neck.

Do you know how hard it is for me to admit that I like hitting women? Did you know how hard it is for me to confess that I take pleasure in inflicting pain to the weaker sex. The thrill of beating their cake–up faces into a bloody pulp just thrills me; the rush of watching their fake ass eyelashes fly off their faces as my fist crushes their faces; their screams of agony is just like Beethoven’s symphony to my ears. Why can’t you see that I am not just some sex crave pervert who wants to hook up with girls to have sex. If I wanted sex, I’ll see a hooker.

P.s. You should have just told me that you’re not comfortable with me asking for your used maxi-pads, I would have settled for your nail clippings instead.

P.s.s. It’s not like you keep them anyway.