Memoirs: The Shape Shifter

(Kept in shorthand)

I am actually from the year 1905 and even though I am of humble birth but unlike some of you, I am not confused when it comes to Father's day because I can precisely and accurately identify who my biological father is and I need not guess who he is from a list of candidates. A certain unforeseen event during one of my laboratory experiment has landed me in this current era where all the ladies dressed up like they were working in brothels.

This is one of the many memoirs that I kept here in this era; this is a horrific account of my encounter with a shape shifter which was able to manipulate her own aging process…

One day before the seventh day of the seventh month; I had the privilege… Na! The pleasure of accompanying my working counterparts to a ball. I assumed it was a ball because their exact words were "Let's go dancing". I was exhilarated because finally I was going to be able to put on my tuxedo and let my stylish top hat see the light of day again; everyone will finally get to see how devilishly handsome I looked when I am all suited up. But when I told them what I was going to wear, to my dismay, I was specifically asked not to overdress and anything lesser than what I had in mind will be good for me. Well, good for them I reckon; I can smell the stench of their jealousy from a mile away.

Nevertheless, I was really excited about the night because I was promised to be brought to the best club in town. In my head, I see images of a grand ballroom with shinny polished floor; there was a breathtaking chandelier above it which illuminated the whole place; the band were in shinny white tux and were playing my favorite dance pieces; waiters were going around carrying trays of glasses filled with champagne; and the ladies all looked stunning in their evening gowns.

But once again it was a major letdown. As our automobile pulled over, I was led into a smoky room with very poor lighting. The floor wasn't as shinny as I expected but instead it was filled with ashes and cigarette butts. Which Let me wonder how am I am going to show off my ballroom skill tonight? There wasn't even a humble chandelier hanging above our heads; just random colored light bulbs scattered all over the ceiling which would make you temporary blind if you look straight right at it. As for the band, I dare say that the owner of this establishment wasn't doing very well financially because he only manage to hire one person to be in the band and that person was just standing there the whole night trying to fix his broken musical instrument that was making awful noises. As for the ladies, they still looked like prostitutes who were on duty but the only difference is their dressing. They were clad in much lesser fabrics than usual especially at their bosoms.

Yes, it was just the beginning of the night and it was looking grave. But things started to change when I met this beautiful young lady named Joyce. She had long wavy hair and her straight fringe was just above her adulterated looking eyebrow. She wore a tight white dress that highlighted her perky breast and I would be lying to you if I tell you that the thought of groping her breast didn't crossed my mind even as I am writing this now. I am not trying to make you feel jealous or anything but I feel that Joyce was somehow taken by me too because I notice that she seems to take notice of my groin area a lot that night. But it was her beautiful violet colored eyes and flawless eyelashes that captivated me. She was like Venus, she was an Aphrodite. But little did I know then I was staring into the eyes of a shape shifter.

Talking about groins, a tingling sense around it I has; that means I gotta take a piss. So I am just going to leave you here today, but do come back to find out how I realized that I just had intercourse with a shape shifter.