Memoirs: Too Many Religions but Only One Asshole

[For Cen]

The parents of a concern maiden came to me one day. They were strong believers and they’ve pledge their allegiance to God’s only and fucking begotten son but it seems that they are concerned about their precious daughter who is now dating a Mussie. They didn’t want to get involve with their daughter’s love affair but unlike those lukewarm bible bashers, they believed that their daughter should be in a healthy relationship with another Jesus freak and they’ll be damn if their daughter would one day give birth to another Jihad monger.

So I invited them over for stew and at the same time we had a Muslim and a Catholic for dinner.

At the end of the dinner party, the parents’ concerns have been put to rest and they went home to give their daughter their blessing.

I was glad that we had stew that night. I made the stew from all the ears, nose, pieces of face and belly of the Muslim and Catholic. I’ve added onions, carrots, turnips, celery, salt and pepper to the stew. It was good. So you see no matter what faith you fucking embrace, we are all the same when we become stew and end up in someone else’s belly. So who are we to judge a person by his/her religion? May it be Catholic, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism…etc. Once you eat them, they will just end up as shit.

P.s. Seriously the color of their blood is exactly the same too. I couldn’t tell the difference when I was cleaning the blood stain off the wall after I fucking butchered them.

P.s.s. The Shape Shifter 2 will be up next.